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Monday, October 11, 2004

Great online marketing

    Posted by Adam Crouch

The Australian job search site has an excellent marketing campaign going on. I just saw it today, when it's a bit out of date, but it's extremely clever. I'll quote it below, in case they take it down now that the election is over, but you really should go to the site itself to get the full effect.


* Leader of Our Great Country
* National Role
* Smoke and Mirrors Industry

Having previously advertised elsewhere, and after receiving only two mediocre applications, our client is now undergoing an urgent nationwide search for the position of Leader of Our Great Country.

This is a fantastic career opportunity for the right candidate who must show a flair for hand-shaking ie. not too long but not too abrupt and not too soft but not too bone-crunching. Baby kissing experience is a must, as is proof of this ability in the form of written referrals from actual babies.

Your role will include regular travel at the expense of all Australians. At times you will be required to wear strange, loud, ridiculous looking shirts to important meetings whilst maintaining a smile throughout. You must be well versed in the complexities of the mind of a seven year old, as at times you will be called upon to interact with George Bush. Although not mandatory, the ability to tell the truth and some degree of humanity (any at all) will be highly regarded.

Your package will include a generous salary at the expense of all Australians, as well as two residences: a house in Sydney and a lodge in Canberra - although living in Canberra is entirely optional.

Finally, as representative of the country, the ability to get tough with taxi drivers is crucial to the role. Any experience in this area will be advantageous.

The voting committee of several million will seriously consider all underdogs.

Send applications to!


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