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Friday, October 22, 2004

Is your shopping habit funding terrorists?

    Posted by Reena Ganga

Interpol has warned that buying fake Rolex watches and knock-off Gucci handbags could help line the pockets of terrorists and mobsters. They made the warning during a global conference on counterfeiting in Rome.

In addition, officials say bargain hunters could be putting their own lives at risk when purchasing counterfeit goods, citing a case of falsified pharmaceuticals which were blamed for thousands of deaths, as well as another case involving counterfeit car brakes.

Officials haven't named specific terrorist groups, but have said in the past that militants in Northern Ireland were known to be involved in organised crime, trading a range of counterfeit products including cigarettes and CDs.

Investigators are now hunting down counterfeiting operations in China and India.

Read the details in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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